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Roof Coatings Cool RoofsAlthough spray foam is water-resistant, it is recommended, even essential to cover any spray foam roofing installation with an appropriate elastomeric coating to seal and protect the foam from all of the other elements that a roof is exposed to - the harsh, destructive heat and ultra-violet rays of the sun and any and all minerals or chemicals that may be rained down or spread on the spray foam roof - there are many things you may not anticipate your foam roof being exposed to, and a roof coating is a great way to protect your foam.

As the chart on the right shows, a roof coating by itself can greatly reduce the temperature of a building's roof, but when the roof coating is added as the top layer over spray foam roofing, you now a complete cool roofing system with the best R-value any roofing material can offer.

Cool roofing is any roofing system that incorporates increased solar reflectance with better than average thermal emittance properties to create an energy efficient roof that operates at a much cooler temperature range than traditional roofing options. A cool roof is usually light or vivid white in color as this helps with reflecting the sun's rays and heat away from the roof surface. Black roofs are not absorb the heat of the sun, its ultra-violet rays, and do not have very good emissivity. This leads to a roof temperature that can be up to 50°F hotter than a comparable cool roof. This of course leads to increased heating and cooling costs and a degraded climate inside the structure.

More Cool Roof Coating Benefits - They Have Quite a Few

Cool roof coatings benefit the building owner by reducing heat gain and this leads to lower utility bills and less wear on the building HVAC systems. Less HVAC wear equals less repair and longer life for the roof and HVAC systems. So just by adding a roof coating the building owner gets:

• Improved Thermal Efficiency

• A More Comfortable Interior Climate

• Less Energy Usage

• More Affordable Utility Costs

• Reduced Mechanical Systems Wear

• Increased Solar Reflectivity

• Better Thermal Emittance

• Extended Life Spans for the Roof and HVAC Systems

• Fewer Required Facility Repairs and Maintenance

• Less Greenhouse Gas and Air Pollution Emissions

• Old Roofing Materials Prevented from Cluttering Up Local Landfills

An Infrared Picture Must be Worth at Least a Thousand Words

Below is an infrared image of a roof coating project in progress. See how the coated parts of the roof show temperatures that are operating at the same temperatures as the cool green trees and grass, but the uncoated parts of the roof show temperatures that are as hot as the black asphalt roads and parking lots? This is what a roof coating does best.

Cool Roof Coatings

Even in locations where days are sunny, but not really hot, a cool roof coating can provide advantages that are not available with outdated roofing technologies. Plus, if you have a spray foam roofing base coat under the roof coating, the insulation R-value and energy savings will provide superior advantages.

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